Our day care package includes our pick up and drop off service. With a walk through the site grounds plus an inside and outside area, to spend the day interacting with toys, other dogs and staff or to have some time to relax and have an occasional cuddle.


*We have segregation areas for dogs, if they need their own space.




Small dogs: £35

Large dogs: £40

Puppies: £35


We offer our hand picked homes who are waiting for guests to stay, so your dog can be treated as part of the family. All our carers are dog lovers who have experience keeping dogs. Our options are to either; night sit, while the dog comes to the shop for day care or your dog can spend the whole time with their carer.


*We hand pick the most suitable carer for your dog. So your pooch’s routine can remain the same, ensuring he/she is fed and walked according to your instructions. We will find your dog the best match possible, so they can have a loving home from home experience.


**Pre booked appointments are necessary for all our services, including walk-in’s.

Our staff will talk through your requirements when collecting the dog or whilst you are on site. We can advise on suitable styles, if you are not quite sure what you are looking for. We do require you to be available by phone, whilst your dog is with us.


***Feeding services are available for Spa day and Day Care package. As advised and supplied by owner.

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Shampoo, blueberry facial, conditioner, dried, brush (deshedding/dematting), styled hair cut (cliped/scissored/hand stripped), fresh breath treatment, nail trim, sanitary, feet and face trim.


A final cost will be provided upon receipt of your dogs specifications.



Shampoo, blueberry facial, conditioner, dried, brush (deshedding/dematting), fresh breath treatment, nail trim and if applicable a sanitary, feet and face trim.


A final cost will be provided upon receipt of your dogs specifications.



For a trim and polish, we use a nail grinding file as this leaves the nail with a smooth and rounded edge. Also if you have a dog who has issues with their nails being cut, the grinding file insures a pain free trim opposed to clippers, which can cut through the nerve.


This service is included in our Bath and Full Groom options.

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Bien Chien offers a selection of specialist grooming and spa services tailored to suit dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes.
Our facilities are set in the surroundings of over 100 acres of family owned land, providing your dog with an exciting setting for long walks as well as benefitting from the safety of 24 hour security and CCTV.  
All clients are welcome to attend our open days to familiarise themselves with our surroundings, meet the team and take advantage of our special discounts on specific treatments.
On this page you will find more information about our set up,
a detailed overview of each service provided as well as guide to pricing.



'It's been a real pleasure getting to know Anna over the last year. We can't thank her enough for keeping Lola's coat looking fabulous and easy to maintain between cuts.
An anxious puppy by nature, Lola is calm and relaxed at Bien Chien, real testament to the friendly, caring home from home environment.'





Our number one priority is the safety and welfare of your dog. Bien Chien has years of industry experience and offers complete safety and peace of mind.
We accommodate feeding requirements, administer prescribed shampoos, creams and ointments once supplied
Our grooming facilities are set within 100 acres of  private land - the perfect space for your dog to run, play and have fun. 
We offer a 'waggy tail trail' with every
spa and day care package, all of which are tailored to your pups health and ability. 
We pride ourselves on excellent care standards and treat every dog we look after with the same level of understand-
ing and respect we give you, the owner.
Bien Chien will always go the extra mile to make sure your needs, as well
as the needs of your animal are met without compromise.  
All of our grooming products are holistic and use all natural ingredients and free of any harmful chemicals. Using no artificial dyes or fragrances but predominantly organic ingredients, including the use of essential oils that not only benefit your pet's coat, skin, mental well-being, in and out of our salon.



Why Choose Us?

Our aim at Bien Chien is to give your pooch a home from home experience with a relaxed environment to play and unwind.
All of our treatments can be included within the Spa Day Package. Although we all love to spend as much time with our fur babies as possible, a day off from the time consuming responsibility can be a well earned rest, every now and again.
Spa Days includes;
- a morning pick up service
- a long countryside walk
- feeding if needed
- one or more of our selected grooming treatments
- time to play and relax
- home drop off. Looking, feeling and smelling amazing.
There is a small additional cost to your treatments for the full Spa Day but prices do vary, so please enquire for a quote..
Here you will find an overview of our spa treatments along with guide prices for reference.
Please note an accurate cost will always be provided following your free of charge, no obligation consultation.   
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